Thursday, July 7, 2011

Product Review: Coppertone Sport

Ok... So I realize Sunblock is not the most exciting thing to write about. But, my recent experiences with Coppertone Sport 30 SPF Ultra Sweatproof (Clear Continuous Spray) is something that I'm pretty excited about. This stuff is, hands down, the best sunblock I've ever used. Up until recently, the drawbacks, and hassles, of sunblock had always caused me not to use any. Between having to rub it in, and having greasy hands after application, and having it drip in my eyes... I always hated using any type of sunblock. But after recently hearing about a few friends of mine having skin cancer scares (some even having to have surgery) I decided I'd better start trying to find a sun block that would work for me. And I found it. This stuff just sprays on and you can forget it. No rubbing it in. No greasy hands, and BEST OF ALL... I have not had it roll in to my eyes at all. I still get the sun tan from being out in the sun... a cyclist has to be able to work on those awesome tan lines after all... but I have not even come close to burning one time since using this product.

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